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The Certified Financial Planner Examination (CFP) is offered by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) to gauge the candidate’s aptitude in applying knowledge of financial planning to real world situations.

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You must have completed a CFP Board-Registered Program.

Otherwise, you must have completed an equivalent course work subject to CFP Board’s transcript review process.

Or you must have at least one of the designations, credentials or degrees pre-approved by CFP Board.

checkExam Registration

Open an online account with at CFP Board.

Once logged in to your account, you will be asked for your contact information and details of your eligibility.

You may then select an exam date and location and make a credit card payment of $595 for the exam.

You will be advised on how to provide documentation proof of your eligibility at the end of registration.

checkExam Details

This examination is usually held on the third Friday and Saturday of March, July and November every year.

It is a 10-hour examination that is split into three sessions.

The first is a 4-hour session on Friday while the second and third are each a 3-hour session held on Saturday.

The exam is in pencil-and-paper format.

As this is a pass or fail examination, there is no use of rank-ordering scores in the results.

checkExam Contents

General Principles of Financial Planning – 11%

Insurance Planning and Risk Management – 14%

Employee Benefits Planning – 8%

Investment Planning – 19%

Income Tax Planning – 14%

Retirement Planning – 19%

Estate Planning – 15%


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CFP Study Guide and Practice Test Questions







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