Securities Sales Person Career Advancement and Certification

finance3Advancement and certification

Certification is not always required, but in enhances a professional standing, boost employment chances and is usually recommended by employers. The Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) is a professional body that can offer certification. Applicants for this certification must possess a bachelor’s degree and 4 years work experience. They must also take 3 exams, which requires hundreds of hours of self study. Applicants can sit for the exam while acquiring the required working experienced.

Investment brokers and advisors can advance as they get more experience, certification and accumulate more accounts. They can advance to become portfolio managers, supervisors, branch office managers and other management positions.

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Securities Salesperson Job description

financial plannerA security sales person is one who is trained and employed to sell commodities, securities and other financial services as a sales agent.

Nature of work

Everyday, security sales persons or agents help individuals, corporations and businesses to buy billions of dollars worth of securities such as bonds, stocks and mutual funds in the United States. These agents can be referred to as securities, commodities and financial sales agents. The nature of work and duties of security sales persons would depend on their specialty.

Stock brokers are probably the most common type of a security sales agent available. Their duties include offering investment advice to everyday people or retail buyers of stock regarding wise investment choices based on needs and financial strength. Stock brokers also help the investor to transact deals on the floor of the stock exchange. The broker is paid a commission for his service at the end of the transaction. The broker’s job description would also include seeking out clients and building a client list. A lot of brokers spend much time searching for clients and investors who they can convince to invest.

Investment bankers are another specialty of security sales agents. The major work of an investment banker is trying to connect businesses looking for capital or finance to start or expand their operations, with investors who have the finance and would want to invest in businesses in exchange for debt bonds or equity stocks. Investment bankers would thus first have to find and help the business to issue out stock or bonds and then look for investors to purchase the securities. This is known as underwriting. Continue reading “Securities Salesperson Job description” »