Four Unforgettable Memorization Tips

memorizationHere’s something to remember: Studying and memorization are so inextricably linked that if you don’t have good memory skills, your studying will suffer dramatically. After all, how do you plan on scoring well on a test if you can’t remember the basic facts that are being tested? Many content exams (the Nursing Certification or Teacher Certification exams, for instance) require large amounts of memorization. The good news: there are many proven tips that will help improve your memory and therefore, your test scores, as well. Here are a few of the most important. Continue reading “Four Unforgettable Memorization Tips” »

Making Study Goals

Making STudy GoalsStudying is a very important part of doing well in school. Yet many people fail to properly plan for it. They are in a rush to learn all of the information at the last minute, and then they don’t do well on the test. Not being well prepared can also increase test anxiety. Making study goals is a big part of being successful. It helps to break down the overall learning process into manageable parts. Continue reading “Making Study Goals” »

In the Test Room

In the TEst RoomThe test room can be an unknown factor that makes it tough for you to feel good about an upcoming test. Take steps that will help you to be able to keep it all in perspective so you can remain focused. If the test is going to take place in the room where you have class, then you already know the layout. If not, take some time to find the location and to make sure you can get there in plenty of time on test day.

If the test room is new to you, try to get there early on the day of the test so that you can pick the seat that works for you. If you are one of the last people to arrive, you will have to take what is left over. Identify what could distract you such as being in the front of the room, being by a window, or even sitting in an end seat because people will walk by there when they are done taking their test. By arriving early, you can use breathing techniques and you can use relaxation for your muscles to avoid tension

Always have what you will need ready to go when you get to the test room. If you can bring in a calculator or other tool, have it on your desk. Have extra writing instruments so that you don’t have to get up and sharpen a pencil during the test session. Wear a watch so you can make sure you are using your time wisely. Don’t spend too much time on hard questions you are struggling with. Move on to what you can get right, and return to those other items if you have left over time. Continue reading “In the Test Room” »