How to Answer Multiple Choice

multiple_choice2You may feel like you have it all figured out when it comes to multiple choice questions. Yet these tips can really make a difference for you. By finding out how many questions it consists of, you can allocate your time wisely. You will know just how much time you can spend on each of them. If there is no time limit, then you can feel free to go at your own pace. Continue reading “How to Answer Multiple Choice” »

Mental Preparation for a Test

Mental Preparation for a testDon’t let negative thoughts set you up to fail when it comes to test taking. Forget what has occurred in the past, let go of your fears, and reach for the stars! Being mentally prepared for a test isn’t difficult but it does take planning, discipline, and a commitment. If you suffer from anxiety or you are feeling let down with past test experiences, they don’t have to be ongoing into the future. Instead, you can use your abilities to change your behaviors and thought process. Continue reading “Mental Preparation for a Test” »