How to Answer Multiple Choice

multiple_choice2You may feel like you have it all figured out when it comes to multiple choice questions. Yet these tips can really make a difference for you. By finding out how many questions it consists of, you can allocate your time wisely. You will know just how much time you can spend on each of them. If there is no time limit, then you can feel free to go at your own pace.

While you may be nervous about time and excited to put your knowledge to the test, don’t let it get the best of you. Read each of the questions completely before you formulate an answer and look at the choices listed. If you don’t, you could assume you know what it is asking but it will get you a wrong answer. This will be very frustrating when you get your test back.

Go through the test at a good pace that you are comfortable with. Only answer the questions you know for sure the first time through. Mark those that you skip so that it is so easy for you to return to them and look at them a second time. Make sure you always stay on track though when it comes to what number you are on for the answer sheet. If you get off track, it will be hard to figure out where you made a mistake.

Hopefully, you understand the approach of your teacher and you can use that to help you with multiple choice questions. Some teachers are very straight forward with what they ask and how they ask it. Others can use words as a form of tricking and making sure you really do have a solid grasp on the materials. Don’t get intimidated, just use what you have studied and learned to help you get through all of it.

Once you have gone through the test, give yourself some positive thoughts for what you have accomplished so far. Then redirect your attention back to those questions you still need to go through. Start with one and look at what it is really asking. Perhaps the reading you did with the other questions you have already answered will give you some insight about a particular answer to select on some of them.

Narrow down the various choices, and listen to your first instincts. If only part of an answer is correct, then eliminate it. The entire answer needs to be correct in order for it to be the right choice. You may not get all of these right, but don’t give up. Stay focused, pay attention to clues, and don’t give up.
You don’t want to have any blanks when you turn in your answer sheet. If you are running very low on time, randomly select an option. You know you will get it wrong if you leave it blank, so why not give it a shot to get it right? Hopefully, you will have enough time though to be able to select an answer based on the process of elimination and your knowledge.


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How to Answer Multiple Choice
Securities exams are all multiple choice - tips for answering multiple choice on a standardized test

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