Flash Cards

flashcardsBeing properly prepared for a test is very important. There are a variety of study methods that can be incorporated as part of that learning process. One that many students get results with is the use of flash cards. They are easy to make, you can take them with you, and you can use them to study alone or with a partner. With a partner, you can take turns showing the flash cards and letting the other person know if they got the answer right or not.

You can make them out of index cards or square pieces of paper. Write a question on one side and the answer on the other side. If you plan to use flashcards for several classes, get different colors of index cards. You can also use a color code to help you identify different types of information. For example, one color for the terms and definitions for a class.


In order for flash cards to work well for your study needs, pay attention to what the instructor shares with you. Many of them will identify important details and information you need to know for the test. Highlight such information in your notes. As you read through your textbook and other materials, you also need to highlight pertinent information.

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