Certified Internal Auditor Exam (CIA)

checkTaking the Certified Internal Auditor Exam (CIA)?

The Certified Internal Auditor Exam (CIA) is organized and administered by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) all year round at over 500 test locations worldwide



•  Candidates must posses a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an approved program

•  Candidates posses at least 24 months internal auditing experience or equivalent

•  Candidates must submit a Character Reference Form signed by a CGAP, CIA, CFSA, CCSA or supervisor



To register, candidates need to download the CIA exam handbook.

checkExam Content


Part I: The Internal Audit Activity’s Role in Governance, Risk, and Control

•  Plan Engagements (15-25%)

•  Governance, Risk, and Control Knowledge Elements (15-25%)

•  Perform Other Internal Audit Roles and Responsibilities (0-10%)

•  Understand the Internal Audit Activity’s Role in Organizational Governance (10-20%)

•  Establish a Risk-based Plan to Determine the Priorities of the Internal Audit Activity (15-25%)

•  Comply with The IIA’s Attribute Standards (15-25%)

Part II: Conducting the Internal Audit Engagement
•  Format: 125 multiple-choice questions

•  Conduct Engagements (25-35%)

•  Conduct Specific Engagements (25-35%)

•  Monitor Engagement Outcomes (5-15%)

•  Fraud Knowledge Elements (5-15%)

•  Engagement Tools (15-25%)

Part III: Business Analysis and Information Technology

•  Format: 125 multiple-choice questions

•  Business Processes (15-25%)

•  Financial Accounting and Finance (15-25%)

•  Managerial Accounting (10-20%)

•  Regulatory, Legal, and Economics (5-15%)

•  Information Technology (30-40%)

Part IV: Business Management Skills

•  Format: 125 multiple-choice questions

•  Strategic Management (20-30%)

•  Global Business Environments (15-25%)

•  Organizational Behaviour (15-25%)

•  Management Skills (20-30%)

•  Negotiating (5-15%)

checkExam Structure

•  The exam is computer based

•  The exam consists of 4 parts with each part made up of 125 multiple choice questions

checkOther Information

•  The exam is taken 2 times per year during May and November

•  Candidates can take the exam parts in any order

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Great read so far even though I am at the very early stages of this qualification

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