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Passing the Life and health insurance exam is the prerequisite for selling life and health insurance products. It is a computer based exams which results are released at the exam venue.

Registration for this exam is done through the examination administrator’s web site, Thompson Prometric.  All the forms you will need can be purchased and submitted online, as well as the exam schedule.

Each of the fifty states requires that all life and health insurance professionals attain a license to practice by passing the life and health insurance examination.

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The examination consists of 18 content areas:

  • Insurance regulation (5%)
  • General insurance (5%)
  • Life insurance basics (7%)
  • Life insurance policies (7%)
  • Life insurance policy provisions, options, and riders (8%)
  • Annuities (6%)
  • Federal tax considerations for life insurance and annuities (5%)
  • Insurance for senior citizens and special needs individuals (8%)
  • Qualified plans (4%)
  • Health insurance basics (5%)
  • Individual health insurance policy general provisions (4%)
  • Medical plans (8%)
  • Health maintenance organizations (3%)
  • Group health insurance (7%)
  • Disability income and related insurance (3%)
  • Dental insurance (2%)
  • Federal tax considerations for health insurance (3%)
  • Additional considerations for life and health insurance counselors (10%).


checkExam Format

The life and health insurance exam questions come in 3 multiple-choice formats: direct question, ‘all the following except’ and incomplete sentences. The questions come with four possible answers from which the candidates must select the correct one.

There are 150 questions that must be completed within two and half hours. The exam is computer-based, and the results are immediately issued to the candidates when the test is completed. The score is a simple percentage of correct answers with a minimum of 70% correct to pass the exam.


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