Mental Preparation for a Test

Mental Preparation for a testDon’t let negative thoughts set you up to fail when it comes to test taking. Forget what has occurred in the past, let go of your fears, and reach for the stars! Being mentally prepared for a test isn’t difficult but it does take planning, discipline, and a commitment. If you suffer from anxiety or you are feeling let down with past test experiences, they don’t have to be ongoing into the future. Instead, you can use your abilities to change your behaviors and thought process.

Do you really study like you should for a test? Many people don’t, and then they make excuses when they don’t do well on a test. You have to be accountable for the time you study each day, and make sure you focus during that period of time. It doesn’t do you any good to carve out study time if your mind wonders during it. Anxiety will be significantly reduced when you go into a test knowing you are well prepared.

Why does it seem like there are always a few negative people in any class that can ruin it for everyone? Sadly, negative energy can move faster and easier than positive energy. We are more willing to accept that we could fail than to accept we can excel. It is time to turn that around and to replace negative thoughts with only positive ones. You can’t control who is in the class with you, but don’t spend time with those negative individuals outside of that environment.

Are you too hard on yourself when it comes to test taking? What would you say to offer encouragement to a friend that was experiencing test anxiety? Chances are you would give them plenty of support and a wonderful pep talk. You need to do that yourself too and to really rally around what your needs are. Confidence can be gained as you take steps towards preparing your mind for doing very well on upcoming tests.

What do you visualize when you close your eyes? Do you have fear that you aren’t going to know anything on the test? Do you worry about getting it back with a big red F on it? If those are the visions you are having, then you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Turn those negative thoughts into positive visualizations. See yourself as knowing plenty on the test and getting a grade that is personally satisfying to you.

You may feel like you aren’t the smartest person on your class. Don’t let that damper your spirit. If you feel that you have made progress, you have learned, and that you really put forth the effort to do well on the test, that is what you should feel good about. Don’t let the fact that someone else got done before you or that they scored higher than you take anything away from who you are.

The more you focus on good things and positive outcomes, the more they will happen. Being mentally prepared for a test is a great way to make education a better overall experience for you. In fact, over time, you can come to look forward to the test with positive energy and stop dragging your feet about them.

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