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The Certified Payroll Professional Exam is given by the American Payroll Association and is offered at more than one hundred testing centers nationwide. The exams are given twice annually, once in the spring and again in the fall.  See our post on Payroll Clerk Occupational Outlook.

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You will have four hours to complete the exam which consists of 165 scored questions and 25 test questions. You are required to get a scale score of 300 on this exam before you are allowed to pass the certification.

This score is based on the number of questions you got right and which form of the test you took. The exam itself is broken down into six different sections and each section bears a different percentage of the overall score. These portions are designed to test the subject’s knowledge of all of the concepts and practices that are required of a professional payroll career.

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The sections of the test and their percentages are as follows:

1. Core Payroll Concepts – 27.5%

2. Compliance – 23%

3. Principles of Paycheck Calculations – 20%

4. Payroll Process and Systems – 8.5%

5. Accounting – 6%

6. Management and Administration – 15%

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