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Series 66 is also known as the Uniform Combined State Law Exam. The Series 66 test is designed by the North American Securities Administrators Association and administered by FINRA (Financial Industry regulatory Association) using a process known as “on the fly”. This process arranges questions using two parameters; the content parameter and a difficulty parameter. The exam is thus assembled to meet the test content specifications while maintaining the difficulty level of other exams in the same series.


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The Uniform Combined State Law Exam is a criterion based minimum competency exam. This means that any student who successfully passes the series 66 test is deemed to have met minimum competency requirement and is fit to pursue a career within specific areas in the securities investment industry by taking other exams.

A total of 110 questions in the multiple-choice format make up the Series 66 test. Total time allotted to candidates is 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes). Only 100 questions are used to determine final score as the other 10 questions are pretest questions that do not carry any mark. Final score for the test would be communicated each candidate at the end of the test.

To pass the Series 66, test a candidate must score at least 71 (71%) marks out of the possible 100. Candidates who fail to pass the Series 66 test can take it again after waiting a specified length of time.

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