Tips for Dealing with Test Anxiety

Test AnxietyMany people suffer from test anxiety, and it can give the impression that they didn’t care enough to prepare for the exam. That isn’t the case at all, but understanding the symptoms of such anxiety can help you to reduce them. If you feel like you just can’t get motivated to study, it could a type of avoidance. Be disciplined and spend time studying to properly prepare for the exam.Don’t wait until the night before the test!

Prepare for studying so that you can make the most out of that time. If distractions have been an issue in the past, it is time to change that. Find a place where you can study that is free from distractions. Let others in the home know that you are studying so that they won’t interrupt you. If you notice your mind wondering, redirect. Try to study early in the day when your mind is still fresh and alert.

Do you continue to see yourself failing the test? This can create a huge amount of anxiety. It can prevent you from eating well, from sleeping well, and from being able to stay focused on your studying. Close your eyes and visualize yourself doing well on the exam and seeing your grade. Do all you can to think positive and to make the outcome be what you really want. Let go of the past and focus on making changes that work to your advantage later on.

Breathing exercises can help with test anxiety too. Practice them regularly so that if you start to feel that panic feeling coming along as you go into the exam, you can use that technique to calm yourself. Try to create a positive routine on test days including getting enough rest the night before and eating healthy foods. You want to be as focused and calm as you can going into the exam. Take your time to review each question on the exam. If you have trouble with anything, mark it and return to it later on.

The battle with text anxiety is one that is internal. You have to make the decision to fight it rather than allowing the cycle to continue again and again. Feeling empowered, you can take steps to make positive changes. Don’t worry about what other people think about you and your testing results. Today is a new day, and you can make things better from now on. Let go of the past and make a choice to do better from now on.

You aren’t alone if you suffer from test anxiety. It is part of the flight or fight scenario that can occur with the brain and body. Behavior modification though can help you to do much better on future tests. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do it on your own. You can get help through your school. Many of them recognize test anxiety and they have methods in place to help resolve it. This can include tutoring, tips for retaining information, proper note taking, and even study groups to help with reducing your anxiety before a test.


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